Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Heidi Swapp is coming back to Aus!!

Heidi Swapp 
Is coming back to Aus.!!! Yeah!
This time with  
Tattered Angels and 
House of 3!!!
Oh this is fantastic news!!
2 of My Favorite Products!
Rolled into one BIG education day!

Not sure.... but I think this is the Class???
The same one as being taught live in the US....

And a close up of the gorgeous album....


I have been dying to see the  
New Tattered Angels Products 
 of course "Have a Play"

 I am definitely EXCITED!! LOL! 
OK we had major Venue Problems last time in Brisbane...
(Which I am sure will be fixed this time.... :) )
But I still learned heaps of New Techniques!!!

Want to know more???????
Info from Heidi's Blog.....

"We are excited to be visiting: Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane…we are trying to squeeze in as much as we possibly can!

Some products need more ‘education’ than others. Usually, those are the products that you can do the most with… they are the most versatile and allow the most creativity!  The products and projects that we will be bringing you are in this category… they require a little instruction, and once you get the basics… there is no stopping where you can take it!! of course, I am talking about all the Glimmery mediums from Tattered Angels, as well as the concept of ‘hybrid crafting’ that is our vision at House of 3!
The day long workshop will begin at 9am, and we’ll go until 6pm….. a full day of inspiration and instruction!"

Ok so this isn't my planned post for the day....

But I just had to
Share this bit of news!!!
Lou xx

P.S. Think I can feel a trip to the "big smoke" coming on!!! lol!


Tanya Tahir said...

sounds exciting Lou. Is there a date? I *might* be going to the expo in June ;)

Tracey said...

WOW, what fun!!! Thanks for sharing the news Lou...love how excited you are about it all :)

Happy Tuesday ~

:) T

Kim Wilson said...

Thats awesome Lou! Thanks for the comment I am so excited and you are too sweet :) all my hard work is finally paying off! I have been working extra hard lately to get some of my submissions in for magazines so hopefully I get picked :) you have to enter my challenges too I will pay $5 towards shipping if you win my prizes in the future! I just got another sponsor with some cute supplies so that will be the NEXT challenge :) take care!!!

Karyn Bernard (French Charming) said...

Hello Sweet Lou!

That Spring album is amazing! Do you know that I have spent $$$$ trying to master paper skills and this talent eludes me. Perhaps I should take a class for that too!

Big hugs,

Queen of Dreamsz said...

Hello Lou,

Omg, my studio is busting at the seams with supplies because there are SOOOOOO many wonderful things to use! This new Glimmer Glam, Glimmer Glaze and Chalkboard Glimmer Mist is going to be fabulous.

I have a HUGE scrapbooking shop that I go to in Sevierville...there are only three of them in the US and they even have Scrapbook Retreats...[It was a pleasant surprise when I moved up here last year].

I'm really into mixed media and altered arts more than traditional scrapping but I know these retreats would be fun for learning all the way to use the products and for meeting people.

I'll be watching..I know you are gonna be adding these divine mists and glazes to your stash. :0)

Thanks so much for coming over for a visit for PiNk Saturday. I love hearing from you and enjoy visiting you.

Have a great day,
Stephanie ♥

Anonymous said...

Hi Lou! Thank you for catching up with me today! Wow! Lots of little posts from you! How sweet! :-) Yes, I've been busy and sorry to hear you have been working so many hours that you've had little time for visiting and crafting. Hope you get a break soon.

Angela Harris said...

Love the colors on this book! I wish you could just scrapbook my last 5 years!