Friday, February 26, 2010

I like it! The New Challenge... & Some exciting News!

Challenge 9 at Lets Get Shabby is up....

And its Double the Fun cos it's to
Inspired by....

This is the Challenge:
*Create a Shabby Garden on your project
*Include a quote from anywhere in the book
‘ Alice in Wonderland'.
As gardens are usually full of a mix a flowers
You will need to include a variety of 
at least five flowers on your creation.

If you aren't familiar with the book....
Let us introduce you to a well loved story ............
You don't have to do a creation based on this story - be inspired by it in any way you like! 
And let us know which chapter your quote come from!

Here's some "Alice Inspiration"...... :)


Well.... I will have to think about this....
Re-read the book and come up with something....
But I do already have something in mind....:)
Actually.... probably too many ideas all at once!! LOL!
The tricky part is Can I get them to work??? LOL!!
But I looove the Challenge!!!

Photos and posters from the new Walt Disney Movie to be released in May
Just so Magical and definitely Inspiring!

The DT have come up with some Fabulous
"Alice Inspirational Pieces"
You can see them over at the
Lets Get Shabby Blog
You simply must go have a look!!

And if you haven't joined in before please come and play with us!

I'll be back with more later...:)
Don't forget you still have time to enter My Giveaway!:)
See post below for more details...

Thanks so much for visiting my blog and 
I hope you feel Inspired.....:)
To create from the Alice Inspiration!

P.S. Oh I have just had some fantastic news to share!
I have been accepted for the Tussie Mussie Swap

A Swap For All Seasons

I am so excited! I absolutely adore Tussie Mussies..
And I cant wait to meet a new Blog Friend to create for! :)
Would be even better if it's one of YOU!
Have you joined up yet???

Bye for Now....
Lou xxx

Thursday, February 25, 2010

A Great Swap.. A Beautiful Gift.. A Thankyou.. and more...

I found this fantastic Swap Blog......
So I only thought it fair I share it with you....
Especially as you still have time to join in....
If these magical creations "take your fancy" .... like they do mine!

Is offering....
A May Day Tussie Mussie Swap

Isn't this graphic just the cutest?? I just love it!:)

What is a "tussie mussie"?
By definition: Tussie Mussie: a small bouquet of flowers; a nosegay.
A cone-shaped holder for such a bouquet.

Info... About the Swap from A swap For all Saeasons Blog:
"Who's ready for Spring? I sure am! For this swap, you will be paired with a partner and you will swap a "tussie mussie" with May Day/Spring inspired goodies tucked inside!
The mail date for the swap will be April 15th,
So your partner can proudly display her tussie mussie on May Day!"

A Litle Background About  ......
 The Swap Blog and It's" Blog Mum"....:)

"Linda is a wife, mom of 3, nurse, artsy crafter, and collector of vintage goodies.
She loves all things old, sweet, and handmade!
Linda especialy enjoys sharing these things with the network of
Wonderful, kindred art friends that she has made through blogging and swapping.
For All Seasons has been a little idea of Linda's that has just kept growing... 
Linda envisioned celebrating each season with a delightful,
high quality swap, that will bring joy to all who participate!"

You need to apply via email to be accepted...
Which I have done (the application..)..... and I soooo hope I get in!
You can see all the info Here

You need to apply by the 28th Feb...
Or Sooner.!!!
So if you want to join in and I sooo hope you do! Then get over there quick!

A Huge Surprise !!

Can you believe I have won a the most Gorgeous Gift
Just by Blogging???
I cant believe it myself and am very humbled...
This devine pin cushion has been especially made for me...
 Just because I was lovely Donna's 300th Follower....
How totally "wow" is that?? And isn't it just beautiful!
And "Thankyou soooo much" Donna :)

How did this happen you ask??
Well you remember this post??....
About Donna's Beautiful Givaway....
All I did was left a comment... and became a follower...
How easy was that?? 

You still have time to enter Donna's Beautiful Giveaway...

So if you haven't done it it yet... you had better check it out!:)
Here's the link;
Brynwood Needleworks
And Donna has a few more Suprises there too!

And Finally for Today...
Just A Reminder....
About My Own Givaway...:)

Another Veiw....

You still have MORE CHANCES TO ENTER just by..
So leave as many comments as you like...:)

Cos I do just love reading them &
YOU have definitely given me Inspiration
To keep pursuing this "Blog Affair"..:)


For a whopping FIVE ADDITIONAL  ENTRIES... :)
Post a link to my giveaway on your blog...
and leave a note to tell me in the Comments Section.
And a Huge Thankyou to those of you that have done this!! I am blown away!

DRAWING of the Giveaway will take place on Sunday 28th Feb.....

Thankyou once again for visiting my Blog....
I hope to see you again soon!
Lou xx

P.S. Dont forget to let me know you've "been and seen".. and the Bonus is
 It gives YOU annother chance to WIN!