Thursday, March 4, 2010

Huge Giveaway! Something Exciting Is About to Happen!

What is
"Bigger than BEN HUR"
Oh I am dying to know!:)

How would you like to Win this
Huge Giveaway of
Pure Prima Goodness???
I know I would!!! :)
Cos you already know I am a Prima Addict!! lol!!!

Just look at all those Primaliscious Goodies!!!!

Whatever the 
BIG SECRET is....???
It  will be Revealed behind this  
Magical Prima Curtain
On Thursday 
(US Thursday that is.... )

Oh the SUSPENSE is Killing Me!!!

To Enter.....
All you have to do 
Is go to the PRIMA Blog
And just follow the instructions!
It's That easy!!!!
You don't even need to have a blog!!

Imagine winning that Gorgeous Giveaway!!!
It would be "Heaven on a Stick!!'

Remember to take a cuppa with you as the 
Is sooooo Full of Gorgeous Inspiration
That you can spend hours just drooling on your keyboard &
Day Dreaming of New Creative Projects!
Prima has the most Awesome Design Team!!

I wish you ALL
The Very Best of LUCK!!!!
Cos if I cant win it...
(I am not usually that lucky....)

I would love nothing more than 
For One of YOU lovely ladies to win!!!

Remember this Yummy Prima Peek???

And this......

 Gorgeous Prima Product Picks for February????

Well... I'll be back with a  New Layout  Very Soon.....
Full of New Primaliscious Produts!! 
I soooo wanted to post it just now
But will confess I was just too tired to finish it last nite.....

 I just wanted to get this up so you too have a chance to win that
You Can Go Directly to PRIMA Here ..

Oh my head is spinning....
Just trying to imagine what Prima has to Reveal!!!

So I guess....
It's ..GOOD LUCK and
Bye for now..

P.S. Just when you think it cant possibly get any better than
Prima's Recent CHA Release..
They have something MORE!!!

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Tussie Mussie, Winner Announced...& Lots More...

My Mission of the Day:
To get this post up!!!

Well as you know I am very excited and will confess
I'm a wee bit nervous about My First Ever Swap.... 
So I decided to have a trial run of a Tussie Mussie..
And here it is.....

And A Close Up

I do think it looks better IRL 
But I haven't mastered this whole photo thing yet....

What do you think???
I know the Shabby "Pretty in Pink"
May not be my swap partner's style but
This one is just for me and my scrap room....
A little piece of Inspiration....
(Well I hope anyway....)

Now this got me thinking about today's post.. and
What Else to Post?????
I thought I would share some More Color Inspiration with you...

Shabby Chic Style

Vintage Wallpaper 
Is definitely a favorite of mine...
I honestly cant remember where I found this so I hope I don't offend anyone...
I have another whole post coming up on wallpaper...:)

Ohhhh I soooo wish we had Pottery Barn here in Aus!!!
And I wish MORE that this was my Scrap Storage!!!
And that my scraproom was this tidy!!! lol!

I think my Tussie would look good hanging in here....
What do ya think??

And saving the Best for Last.....:)
I just adore these Gorgeous Art Prints by
The very talented Elena  Feliciano
Found at
I told you I had a thing for shoes.... LOL!
If I had the space in my Art Room..
I think I would have a whole set of these beautiful shoes 
Up on the wall for Pure Inspiration!

Some Pink and Green Freebies to Share...

And this "Gorgeous Girl and Her Doll" are from Heidi at

Some Beautiful Roses 
From The Graphics Fairy

And last... but certainly NOT least....
This beautiful Mademoiselle .....
Is from one of My Favorite Artists, 
Dawn Edmonson....

You can see Dawn's Beautiful Blog here....
Remember This????
My First Giveaway.....:)

I do apologize for the delay in posting..
I was waiting for my BFF to visit and draw it for me...
I have been totally overwhelmed and inspired by all of your posts &
The number of followers to my brand new and very humble Blog...

Infact I have been quite stressed and a bit anxious that there is only 
One Giveaway and So Many Entries... 
(So I think I'll have to have another one soon.. what do you think???)

When I printed out all of the comments and followers along with the
 Extra Entries for the Giveaway there were 23 PAGES!!!
Can you believe that??? 

I do sincerely apologize if I haven't gotton to your blog yet as 
I have honestly have gotton a bit mixed up with where I've been ...
But I am definitely coming to say "hello"...

Thank You Also Soooo Much to Those Lovely Gals 
that posted a link to my site. 
I will do the same for you!

Now I'll be honest.... I don't know how to do that
"Random Generator Thing" as yet....
So I did the fairest, most honest and most old fashioned way I know.....

Put them all in a bowl.. mixed them up and got my BFF to draw one out.....
I definitely haven't got this artist photography thing down pat yet....
But learning all the time...:)

What You Have All Been Waiting For..... :)

The Winner of my Giveaway is...
Twyler and Lindsay 

Isn't that just the cutest Blog Banner and Button!
If you haven't visited Twyler and Lindsay already..
Please do, as you wont be disappointed!
It is the most gorgeous blog full of Vintage Inspiration :)

Twyler and Lindsay please contact me so 
I can post your Giveaway!!
I cant believe it will be winging it's way to the US!!
Never in my wildest dreams did I imagine I would have
International Followers as yet... But I am absolutely delighted that you come to visit!!!

Some (Very Good) Late News....:)
Oh I have just found out who my Swap Partner is for the Tussie Mussie Swap!!
It is the lovely Maria from
I am absolutely delighted as I am already really looking forward
To getting to know Maria better:)
Maria does the most beautiful and inspiring work...
I am very nervous about making something she will like!
If haven't been for a look her Beautiful Blog then please go and have a look....
Her post today has some awesome links including a link to this darling shop she has found....
And some other beautiful Free Images etc ...

Like we need another excuse to SHOP!!! lol!

Thank You So Much for Visiting my Blog...
I do read all of your comments and am enjoying contacting you all..
Finding beautiful new blogs to follow and making new friends
And I hope you keep coming too.....
As I have lots more new posts planned.... :)
Lou xx

I apologize this post is delayed...
My computer has NOT been playing the game today!